Irrigation Services

Having a good irrigation system is essential for your home’s lawn on the Gulf Coast. Irrigation systems help save you time and money on water wastage and damaged landscapes. At Blue Heron Landscape, our licensed and trained professionals can help you choose the best irrigation system for you.

Located in Fairhope, Alabama, Blue Heron Landscape’s goal is to provide clients with the best lawn care and landscaping services. Irrigation systems are one of our specialities, and our professionals are willing to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Each irrigation system is unique, as we take into account the natural landscape your home sits on. It takes experience to understand how to design an irrigation system fitted to a landscape, but Blue Heron’s experts can identify any challenges and work around them to make sure your lawn flourishes. This will not only add to your curbside appeal, but it will raise the value of your property all together.

Blue Heron Landscaping - Installation

Design & Construction

It is important for your irrigation system to be installed properly. Here at Blue Heron Landscape, our crews are trained and licensed professionals who get the job done right the first time. We make installing your new irrigation system a breeze, so your lawn will be looking it’s best in no time.

Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are not just simply placing sprinkler heads in your lawn. Your landscape and property needs to be taken into account. That is why Blue Heron’s experts design the systems to fit the unique features of your lawn. If your irrigation system is not fitted properly, your lawn will become over saturated with water and waste, or your lawn, trees and garden may not end up with as much water as needed. Blue Heron will set up timers, adjust the sprinkler heads and set the spray direction to make your system as efficient as possible. You’ll notice beautiful results, including healthier, greener grass, increased life span of your lawn and cheaper water bills from minimizing water runoff.

Blue Heron Landscaping - Irrigation Services

At Blue Heron Landscape, we design our irrigation systems to be as sustainable, eco-friendly and efficient thanks to modern designs and components. If there is ever a problem with your irrigation system, give Blue Heron a call to schedule maintenance visits or any updates that your system might need.

If you are still not sure if your lawn needs an irrigation system or would like to receive more information, give Blue Heron Landscaping a call today at (251) 348-1200 or book an appointment online! Blue Heron offers free estimates, so we can access your lawn, come up with a custom plan and provide you the best care to achieve a greener, healthier lawn.