Landscape Design and Construction

When it comes to planning your perfect outdoor space, Blue Heron Landscape is here to help you make the tough decisions. We have planned many landscapes for our clients, focusing on their desire to create the perfect outdoor space for their needs. Planning and designing your landscape will help you see your vision clearer, and allow a smoother development process.

Located in Fairhope, Alabama, Blue Heron Landscape has been committed to serving Mobile and Baldwin County for over 3 years. Landscape design and development is one of our specialties, and our experts are willing and ready to walk you through the design and development process while answering any questions you may have along the way.



When you are ready to begin designing your landscape, one of Blue Heron’s design experts will sit down and discuss with you the plan in mind for your property. From there, our design experts will proceed to make an outline of the area or property that is being designed. This will lead to measuring the area, where dimensions will be noted, and then the design will be transferred to a new draft and will be set to scale. Blue Heron’s experts take everything into account. Our experts create beautiful landscapes, while also taking into account what follows the seasons and lasts a long time. Our experts will provide updates and new ideas for every stage of this process and send you new drafts regularly until we reach the final design. Our experts are ready and willing to answer any questions or solve any problems you may have while working on your project.


Once the final design is complete and approved, Blue Heron Landscape will work with you to decide on when to begin the development stage. Blue Heron is more than happy to work around your busy schedule, plus our expert teams are able to complete projects in a timely manner. Our teams will begin working right away perfecting your landscape with the design already completed. By the end of development, you will be wowed by how good the landscape looks! Blue Heron will also work with you to make sure this fantastic landscape is maintained through irrigation systems and maintenance.

Blue Heron Landscaping - Development

At Blue Heron Landscape, we design our irrigation systems to be as sustainable, eco-friendly and efficient thanks to modern designs and components. If there is ever a problem with your irrigation system, give Blue Heron a call to schedule maintenance visits or any updates that your system might need.

If you are still not sure if your lawn needs an irrigation system or would like to receive more information, give Blue Heron Landscape a call today at (251) 348-1200 or book an appointment online! Blue Heron offers free estimates, so we can access your lawn, come up with a custom plan and provide you the best care to achieve a greener, healthier lawn.