Landscape Maintenance

There is nothing worse than a beautiful house that is hidden behind an overgrown lawn. At Blue Heron Landscape, we understand the value your lawn gives your property, and through our hard work, we can make your home look more priceless than ever before.

Located in Fairhope, Alabama, Blue Heron Landscape is proud to serve both Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Our local and licensed experts have been trained on the best practices for lawn care and maintenance, and we offer a variety of year-round services to make sure your lawn is always in tip-top shape.

Lawn care and maintenance is hard work, but it is essential! Without regularly scheduled maintenance, your yard runs the risk of becoming overgrown, which is unhealthy and can cause damage beyond repair. Maintaining a healthy lawn also requires thorough knowledge of the climate, seasons, soil and plants. With experience and state-of-the-art tools, Blue Heron Landscape can have the job done for you with no problems!


Grass Trimming

Trimming and maintaining edges is very time consuming, messy and it is difficult for many people. Blue Heron Landscape’s professionals can easily fix this and create a perfectly trimmed lawn. Regular grass trimmings help increase the health of your grass and helps your lawn grow greener and thicker.


Mowing your lawn can be a difficult task, especially during the hot summer months on the Gulf Coast. Blue Heron Landscape’s professional mowing services ensure that your lawn always looks its best with regularly scheduled days for mowing. If something comes up, we can gladly adjust the schedule to work with what is best for you! We are happy to take one more thing off your to-do list.


Mulch and Pinestraw

Pine straw and mulch offers a natural and sustainable method of mulching gardens.  It provides crisp edging and unique texture to showcase your landscape.  It also provides moisture control during extreme heat conditions and creates a blanket of warmth which maintains adequate heat during the cooler months.  Pine straw and mulch improve weed control as it shades out sunlight to prevent germination of seeds.

Pruning and Hedge Shearing

Pruning shrubs and trees involves shaping of the plants into formal hedges for aesthetic or privacy purposes.  Regular pruning of plants and trees ensures that all diseased and damaged parts of the plant are removed to ensure the smooth growth of the plant.  If diseased or damaged parts of the plant are not removed quickly, the disease can spread and take over all parts of the plant.